Read And Translate By Touch

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Key Features

AURI is an application for easy reading of foreign books. Allows you to translate words with one touch.

  • Pure & Simple

    Clear and intuitive UI. Interact with the application in a simple and intuitive way. Nothing distracts you from reading the book.

  • Color schemes

    Three carefully tuned color schemes will help you get the most out of reading in any light.

  • Reading settings

    Adjust font size, page width, page height and hyphenation.

  • Easy translation

    Just touch unknown word while reading and you will see it's translation. Also you can translate any selected text.

  • Translation history

    Learn new words and repeat them later on the History screen.

  • Offline dictionaries

    Downloadable offline dictionaries for some language pairs.

iPad support

Use your iPad as ultimate reading machine. Take advantage of the big screen in both portrait and landscape orientation.


  • EPUB and PDF support

    AURI supports EPUB books (version 2 and 3) and PDF documents.

  • Easy Import

    Import books via iTunes File Sharing and "Copy to..." feature.

  • Dark Mode

    Dark interface for comfortable evening or nighttime use.

Translation history

Translate unknown words and learn them later on the History screen. You can also see the context in which the word was used in the text of the book.


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